How Can ILSAA Help?

Glad you asked! ILSAA stands for Immigration Legal Services for Afghan Arrivals. We help Eligible Afghan Arrivals (EAAs) access free legal services to navigate the U.S. legal immigration system. We also support legal service providers across the United States with training and resources so they can help EAAs.

Who are EAAs?

You are considered an EAA if you are an Afghan humanitarian parolee, an unaccompanied Afghan minor, or other Afghan with eligible status as defined in ORR Policy Letter 22-01.

How much do legal services cost? What services are included?

ILSAA immigration legal services for EAAs are free. ILSAA provides legal support for pathways to permanent residency, family reunification, Temporary Protected Status, and more. Once we confirm your eligibility, we will match you with a legal service provider that fits your needs.

My English isn’t very good. Do you have interpreters?

Yes, we do! Services are available in all of the languages spoken in Afghanistan, including Dari and Pashto.

My sister told me about ILSAA, and I’m ready to get some legal help. How do I start?

Call us toll-free at 833-286-0864 or email with your name, phone number, and preferred language. An ILSAA team member will make sure you are eligible, then connect you with our legal team.

What happens when I meet with the legal team?

Your lawyer will learn about your situation and recommend what type of case to file and what documents you will need.

How much time will it take?

Once you’ve gathered your documents and we have all the information, your lawyer will file your application, usually within four weeks of getting all the information.

How long will I need to wait after an application is filed?

There is no guarantee about how long it will take for the U.S. government to reach a decision. ILSAA’s legal team will let you know as soon as possible.

What if I have questions?

Your lawyer will let you know how to reach them and when to update them with critical information, such as if you move and you have a new address. Also, the ILSAA website ( is a great resource. Watch a short video in English, Dari, or Pashto to learn more about ILSAA. Find out more about legal services. Get even more detailed information from our Resource Library.

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