Videos and Webinars

ILSAA: Navigating Employment Authorization Documents for Afghan Clients

This recorded webinar provides information on the categories and types of Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), mechanics of the filing process, and next steps after filing.

Experts from the American Bar Association (ABA) provide scenarios investigating strategies for determining the best type of EAD for situations where multiple EAD options are possible, as well managing the mechanics of applications and renewals.

Videos and Webinars

ILSAA: Video for Legal Service Providers on Family Reunification

Family reunification is one of the most asked about topics for Legal Service Providers (LSPs) providing services to Afghan arrivals. Watch this recorded webinar to enhance your understanding about common issues facing LSPs who are supporting Afghan clients seeking reunification with family members living in Afghanistan.

Videos and Webinars

ILSAA: Videos on Re-Parole: Parts 1 and 2

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced re-parole for eligible Afghans so they can continue living and working in the United States. Legal Service Providers (LSPs) can watch these recorded webinars to better understand the re-parole process for Afghan arrivals and how to navigate it to support their clients.

Policy and Guidance

ORR: Policy Letter 23-06

Read to find out how states and grantees may continue to provide ORR benefits and services to Afghan parolees who have a pending re-parole application, a pending asylum application, or a pending adjustment of status application.