ILSAA curates and creates informational materials, videos, and webinars to support both Eligible Afghan Arrivals (EAAs) and Legal Service Providers (LSPs) in navigating the U.S. immigration process. Resources include offerings from ILSAA and other federal and non-federal organizations, including Office of Refugee Resettlement, Switchboard, USAHello, VECINA, and Welcome Legal Alliance. In addition to regularly expanding our resource library, ILSAA continues to help provide legal services to EAAs.

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        Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc: Frequently Asked Questions: EADs for Afghans

        Examine this FAQ to discover what steps advocates need to take to ensure that Afghans have no gaps in their ability to work lawfully in the United States. Because most Afghans evacuated pursuant to OAW entered the United States in August and September 2021, they now have less than a year left on their Employment Authorization and Documentation (EAD).